Automatic transfer switches continually monitor utility power. Any anomalies such as voltage sags, brownouts, spikes, or surges will cause the internal circuitry to command a generator to start and will then transfer to the generator when additional switch circuitry determines the generator has the proper voltage and frequency. When utility power returns or no anomalies have occurred for a set time, the transfer switch will then transfer back to utility power and command the generator to turn off, after another specified amount of "cool down" time with no load on the generator.


In critical applications such as hospitals, data centers and airports, power cannot be interrupted for maintenance of automatic transfer switches. In such circumstances, a bypass-isolation switch is essential and is often required by code. ZBTS are available from 40-4000A and 120-600V.

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The ZTX Series provides reliable, easy-to-operate source switching for small frame commercial and light industrial standby power applications. The ZTX is a standard (open) transition transfer switch available from 40-400A and 120-480V.

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Rugged construction and flexible configurations for large commercial and industrial applications make the ZTG Series of transfer switches ideal for load switching motors, transformers and UPS. ZTG are available from 40-3000A and 120-600V.

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The ZTS Series provide highly reliable and flexible source switching for essential healthcare equipment and business critical applications, including make-before break switching. ZTS are available from 40-4000A and 120-600V.

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