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Zenith ZTG T-Series (200V-480V)

Zenith ZTG T-Series (200V-480V)

Automatic Transfer Switches 30-3000 A

General Purpose Commercial and Industrial Applications
The ZTG T-series is built for general purpose commercial and industrial applications.


Powered by TruONE technology, Zenith ZTG series automatic transfer switches incorporate switch and controller in one seamless, self-contained unit, reducing the number of wires and connections. This design saves room in the enclosure and minimizes the potential for connection failures. In addition, the design incorporates modular components to reduce downtime and service costs, and an optimum interface for advanced control, connectivity, and energy efficiency.

Start up in minutes, not hours 

The new Zenith ZTG series weighs up to 30% less than comparable ATS models but has up to 25% more wire-bending space, making it especially easy for contractors to install.Once sources are connected, an innovative auto-configure function via the HMI sets electrical system parameters in seconds. Because of breakthrough ABB technology, no additional control wiring or troubleshooting is required on-site. And any programming changes can be done from the HMI with a few keystrokes, making commissioning quick and painless. You can even configure Zenith ZTG on site before installation " using a laptop with Ekip Connect software, even without any external power supply.

Minimize unplanned outages

Zenith ATS solutions are tested to last up to 6,000 cycles. Based on 10 transfers per month, thats 50 years of reliable operation! If things ever do go wrong, all critical modules are customer-replaceable to simplify service and significantly reduce downtime and service costs. Say goodbye to blinking lights and stopping motors.

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