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ZTG Series (Legacy 600V)

ZTG Series (Legacy 600V)

Item is Legacy Series 

General Purpose Commercial and Industrial Applications

The Zenith ZTG Series of transfer switches are built for general purpose commercial and industrial applications requiring the dependability and ease of operation found in a power contactor switch. The ZTG series uses the MX150 microprocessor control system, which includes features specified on a general purpose commercial and industrial applications. It also provides an intuitive user interface, communications capability and self diagnostics. The ZTG Series is available in a full range of ampere, voltage and pole configurations, along with many commonly requested options and features.

Features and Benefits

Close differential under-voltage sensing of the normal source
Voltage and frequency sensing of the emergency source
Test switch (fast test/load/no load) to simulate normal source failure - automatically bypassed should the emergency source fail
Double throw, interlocked operation
Electrically operated, mechanically held by a simple, over-center mechanism
Segmented silver tungsten alloy contacts with separate arcing contacts on 600 amps and above
Arc quenching grids, enclosed arc chambers and wide contact air gap for superior source-to-source isolation on all units
Control circuit disconnect plug and drive inhibit switch for safe maintenance
Components accessible for inspection and maintenance without removal of the switch or the power conductors
Mechanical indicator and contact chamber cover designed for inspection, safety and position designation
Offering a Warranty Period of twenty-four (24) months or two years from the date of shipment

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