Q: What is a Load Bank?
Q: Can load banks be trailer mounted?
Q: What is an Automatic Transfer Switch?
Q: What sizes of load banks do you sell?
Q: What's the difference between open, closed and delayed transition transfer switches?
Q: What's the difference between a standard, one-way and two-way bypass transfer switches?
Q: What sizes of transfer switches do you sell?
Q: What size should I specify the transfer switch to be?
Q: Do I need a bypass on my transfer switch?
Q: What options should I get on the transfer switch?
Q: Do I need a load bank on site?
Q: Can I use building load for testing?
Q: Can I use a load bank in my radiator duct system as I have no space to install a unit?
Q: Do I need a disconnect switch in the connection box?
Q: Can I use a key lock system to interlock the connection box and my breaker on the generator system?
Q: Can I use a single box for both load bank testing and temporary generator connection to the building?

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