EEP Double Sided Bypass - April 1st 2022
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27 January 2022

EEP Double Sided Bypass - April 1st 2022

EEP E600 Double-Sided Bypass Isolation

EEP announces the forthcoming E600 series transfer switch. This ATS will be equipped with a two-way bypass system to allow the user to bypass the transfer switch whether in the normal position or the emergency position. The ability to bypass the normal or emergency side allows you to keep your electrical system to continue to function during major servicing or emergency break downs.

The E600 will offer many of the features that you are often looking for:

  • Pre-signal contact for elevator or motor disconnect
  • Metering options including Power metering so you will know exactly what is happening
  • Enclosure options
  • Higher KA ratings (50-65)
  • Communication options


  • Condominiums
  • Commercial buildings
  • Industrial buildings
  • Government and military installations
  • Data centres
  • Hospitals

Starting with 100 and 200 Amp 208-600V 3 and 4-Pole, The E600 is planned to launch April 1st 2022 and to be offered in 400-600 Amp by then end of 2022. 

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